Publications By Dr Harry Phoolchund

Rehabilitation for Work
The Practitioner (UK). January 1991 Vol. 235 32-4

Absenteeism: Causes and Solutions
Journal of the Public Relations Office of Sugar Industry (Mauritius)
January 1991 Vol. 264 40-2

Aspects of Occupational Health in the Sugar Cane Industry
Journal of the Society of Occupational Medicine (London)
Autumn 1991 Vol. 41 No 3 133-6
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A new approach to Health & Safety
Magazine of Association of Personnel Managers (Mauritius) Dec 1993 27-29

Occupational & Environmental Health in Mauritius: A review of trends & recent studies.
Journal of Health & Place (UK) 1995 Vol. 1, No.4 pp 251-255
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“Child Labour : Impact on Health & Social Development.” September 1996.
A position paper prepared on behalf of the World Health Organisation.

“Revisiting Occupational Colour Vision Standards”;
Poster Presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Occupational Medicine, Royal College of Physicians, London, 1-3 July 2008.
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“Train driving and diabetes – keeping safety on track”
co-authors: Dr Paul Grant, Consultant Diabetologist & Dr Harry Phoolchund
Practical Diabetes July/August 2015 Vol 32 No 6 200-203
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